The psychophysiology of meaning making: problems and perspectives

Luis Emilio Bruni, Sarune Baceviciute and Paolo Burelli

Augmented Cognition Lab

Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology

Aalborg University Copenhagen

In our lab we aim to link perception, cognition, affective states and aesthetic experience in the context of digital and multimodal media and cognitive technologies.  In particular we are interested in characterizing and monitoring the user’s experience when interacting with complex stimuli and narrative content provided through immersive and representational interactive displays. This entails the development of theories and methodologies to improve the integration of first-person assessments of subjective experience with third person observational and bio-behavioral data obtained by a variety of methods, including, in our perspective, the hybridization between semiotic studies and psychophysiological methods. In this talk we argue for the pertinence and relevance of such a semiotic perspective and introduce some of the theoretical, technical and empirical issues that are involved.
Sidansvarig: Goran.Sonessonsemiotik.luse | 2017-08-21