Human and animal images at Göbeklitepe and Catalhöyük

Stina Gestrelius (LU)

The stone rings at Göbeklitepe were built by hunter-gatherers at 11000 BP and have carvings of wild animals in the Palaeolithic tradition. The logistics needed to move the huge stone blocks forestalled the Neolithic period, when the first cities, such as Catalhöyük, were built and farming and husbandry gradually implemented. Stina has a PhD in biochemistry and is now senior student of archaeology, cognitive science and cognitive semiotics. She will show many photos from visits to Göbeklitepe and Catalhöyük during the pre-/post-conference tours of the European Association of Archaeologists in September 2014.

Sidansvarig: Goran.Sonessonsemiotik.luse | 2015-04-27