Seminarier/workshops 2020-2023


8 May 2023: State of digital manuscript studies & textual scholarship in the Øresund area

One-day workshop in Copenhagen devoted to ongoing and recently completed projects in Sweden and Denmark (in Øresund area, or national projects). Scholars, librarians, archivists and digital heritage experts working with digital manuscripts studies & textual scholarship to talk about their work process, goals, challenges and solutions. 

22-24 May 2023

Edition Visualization Technology (EVT)

Three-day workshop in Lund with prof. Roberto Rosselli del Turco, Università di Torino. 


9 September 2022. "From image to text: On making medieval manuscripts and texts available online."

Invited speakers: Luigina Orlandi, Vatican Library: "Manuscripts and digital: Pst, present and future in the Vatican Library / Matthew Holford, Bodleian Library, Oxford: "Creating a digital catalogue of medieval manuscripts: Medieval Manuscripts in Oxford Libraries" / Round table on transcriptions with Alex Speed-Kjeldsen, Arnamagnean Institute, Copenhagen, Krista Stinne Greve Rasmussen & Kirsten Vad, Center for Grundtvigforskning, Copenhagen, Maria Hedberg, Lund University Library, Katarzyna Anna Kapitan, Linacre College, University of Oxford, & Elisabet Göransson, Lund University. Plats: Lunds universitet, Universitetsbiblioteket.

23 maj 2022. Workshop om IIIF (International Image Interoperability Framework). Plats: Københavns Universitet, Arnamagnaeanska institutet.

Workshop om IIIF (International Image Interoperability Framework) med Patrik Granholm, KB, Stockholm.


13-14 december 2021. "Textual scholarship in theory and practice". Plats: Stiftsgården Åkersberg, Höör. 

17 november 2021. Gästföreläsning online: "IIIF: Internationell standard för att återge bilder online". Inbjuden gästföreläsare: Patrik Granholm.

10 maj 2021. "Publikationskanaler". Onlineseminarium.


20 november 2020. Inaugural workshop. Invited speaker: Ray Siemens: "Social Editing in Context(s) / Editing in Social Context(s)

Inbjuden gästföreläsare: Ray Siemens: Social Editing in Context(s) / Editing in Social Context(s)Premised on the notion that editors have always carried out their work with awareness of the many contexts in which it is situated and the many potential areas in which it might see good utility, my talk explores elements of the computationally-‘social’ dimension of editorial work – in particular how digital textual scholarship by its nature gestures interdisciplinarily, by necessity encouraging explicit consideration of its products’ engagement within and beyond any single discipline or institution of origin, as much as it encourages movement toward an open, socially-situated scholarship that both values such work and adds value to it.  Discussion will include reference to A Social Edition of the Devonshire MS (BL Add MS 17492) and work of the INKE Partnership for Open Social Scholarship.
Bio: Ray Siemens is Distinguished Professor in the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Victoria, Canada, in English and Computer Science, and past Canada Research Chair in Humanities Computing; in 2019, he is also Leverhulme Visiting Professor at U Loughborough and, 2019-22, Global Innovation Chair in Digital Humanities in the Centre for 21st Century Humanities at U Newcastle. 





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