Scholarships and prizes

The New Society of Letters regularly provides support for humanities research at Lund University. The most recent call for applications for funding of travel for research or conferences was issued in March. This call is targeted at PhD holders, preferably younger researchers and is announced via the University’s scholarship portal.

Prizes and rewards are handed out at the Annual Academic Ceremony for outstanding contributions, primarily within the field of humanities. The Society receives nominations for prizes for consideration by the board in October.

The Society gratefully welcomes any donations from the business community and individuals. Our postal giro number is 530818-4. For more information contact the secretary Blaženka Scheuer, email: blazenka.scheuerctr.luse

Thesis awards 2021

In connection with the Annual Academic Ceremony, prizes are ceremonially handed out to PhD students in recognition of their outstanding research and dissertation.

The following students are recipients of The Society of Letters at Lund Dissertation Prize 2021:

Doctor of Philosophy Christel Avendal: Förhöjd vardaglighet. Unga på landsbygden gör vardag.

Doctor of Philosophy Katherine Burlingame: Dead Landscapes – and How to Make Them Live.

Doctor of Philosophy Chiara Gargiulo: On L1 Attrition and Prosody in Pronominal Anaphora Resolution.

Doctor of Philosophy Kenth Hansen: Medeltida stadsaristokrati. Världsligt frälse i de skånska landskapens städer.

Doctor of Philosophy Oscar Jansson: Mönster i grönt. Graham Greene och 1900-talslitteraturens villkor.

Doctor of Philosophy Charlotte Nilsson: En förbindelse med en större värld. Postorder i Sverige under tidigt 1900-tal.

Doctor of Philosophy Mikael Novén: Brain Anatomical Correlates of Perceptual Phonological Proficiency and Language Learning Aptitude.

Doctor of Theology Lovisa Nyman:  Det konstruktiva beroendet. Feministisk teologi i ett individualistiskt samhälle.

Doctor of Philosophy Riya Raphael: Circles of Value: A Study of Working Lives of Informal Sector Traders in Delhi, India.


The recipient of The Society of Letters at Lund Music Prize 2021 isMarcusBäckerud, violine



In connection with the Annual Academic Ceremony, prizes are ceremonially handed out to researchers within the humanities disciplines.

The gold, silver and bronze Lagerbring medals are awarded as a recognition of “commendable work within the field of humanities”. The gold medal is awarded to people whose contributions to humanities research is deemed to be unique and groundbreaking. The silver medal is awarded at least every five years to a younger humanities researcher living in Lund.

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