Scholarships and prizes

The New Society of Letters regularly provides support for humanities research at Lund University. The most recent call for applications for funding of travel for research or conferences was issued in March. This call is targeted at PhD holders, preferably younger researchers and is announced via the University’s scholarship portal.

Prizes and rewards are handed out at the Annual Academic Ceremony for outstanding contributions, primarily within the field of humanities. The Society receives nominations for prizes for consideration by the board in October.

The Society gratefully welcomes any donations from the business community and individuals. Our postal giro number is 530818-4. For more information contact the secretary Blaženka Scheuer, email: blazenka.scheuerctr.luse

Thesis awards 2020

In connection with the Annual Academic Ceremony, prizes are ceremonially handed out to PhD students in recognition of their outstanding research and dissertation.

The following students are recipients of  awards from Insamlingsstiftelsen Näringslivets Fond för Humanistisk Forskning:

Doctor of Philosophy Sanna Ericsson: Reaching for Equality: Essays in Education and Gender Economics

Doctor of Philosophy Sara Farshchi: Neural and Behavioural Mechanisms Underlying the Processing of Negated Meanings: Words, Pictures and Sentences

Doctor of Philosophy Niklas Erben Johansson: The Building Blocks od Sound Symbolism

The following student is a recipient of award from Axel Kocks Fond:

Doctor of Philosophy Joanne Yager: Small-scale Multilingualism and Language Contact in Egalitarian Foragers

The following students are recipients of awards from AB CWK Gleerups Fond:

Doctor of Philosophy Arsenii Vetushko-Kalevich: Compilationand Translation: Johannes Widekindi and the Origins of his Work on a Swedish-Russian War

Doctor of Theology Katarina Pålsson: Negotiating Heresy: The Reception of Origen in Jerome’s Eschatological Thought


In connection with the Annual Academic Ceremony, prizes are ceremonially handed out to researchers within the humanities disciplines.

The gold, silver and bronze Lagerbring medals are awarded as a recognition of “commendable work within the field of humanities”. The gold medal is awarded to people whose contributions to humanities research is deemed to be unique and groundbreaking. The silver medal is awarded at least every five years to a younger humanities researcher living in Lund.

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