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MultiBAP - A guestionnaire for investigating beliefs and practices related to multilingualism

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Sundqvist, P., Gyllstad, H., Källkvist, M., & Sandlund, E. (2021). Mapping teacher beliefs and practices about multilingualism: The development of the MultiBAP questionnaire. In P. Juvonen & M. Källkvist, Pedagogical translanguaging – Theoretical, methodological and empirical perspectives (chapter 4, pp. 56–75). Multilingual Matters.  


MultiBAP appendices at Multilingual Matters


App 1: PILOT and FINAL Versions of Items Included in MultiBAP, Including Cronbach’s Alpha (Reliability Analyses), Mean Score, Mode, Standard Deviations, Corrected ITC, Cronbach’s Alpha if Item Deleted, and Comment (Translated from Swedish into English)


App 2: Details about the Stratified Random Sampling Procedure


App 3: Details about the Factor Analysis


App 4: Eigenvalues and Total Variance Explained for with a 6-Factor Solution (38 Items from Part A: Beliefs); Extraction: Maximum Likelihood Factoring


App 5: The MultiBAP Questionnaire (including the MultiBAP Instrument)

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