Platform leaders

Kajsa Weber holds a PhD in History and is the coordinator of DigitalHistory@Lund. She is a member of LUCK (Lund University Center for the History of Knowledge), and Coordinator in the National Graduate School of History. Weber specializes in the history of the Reformation, early modern print media, and Lutheranism.

Pelle Snickars, is Professor of Digital Cultures, Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences. He is a media studies scholar with a contemporary and historical interest, mainly oriented towards digital cultural heritage and digital media history. He leads two research projects: Welfare State Analytics. Text Mining and Modeling Swedish Politics, Media & Culture, 1945-1989 and Modern Times 1936 – which both use digital methods to explore historical source material in new ways.

Platform Engineers

Mathias Johansson is a Systems developer at Digital Cultures with a MSc in Economic History. Through DigitalHistory@Lund, he helps researchers implement data pipelines, from webscraping to machine learning and visualising data. He is currently active in three digital history projects, Modern Times 1936, SWINNO and Contentious Swedes, and has previously worked with both parliamentary history and tourism history.

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