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Welcome to the Lund Language Typology and Evolution research group

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The Language Typology and Evolution research group at Lund University performs research within the areas of comparative and diversity linguistics. Researchers document and describe lesser-known and understudied languages. In addition, they collaborate in amassing data for the purpose of large-scale, comparative studies of language typology and evolution. Linguistic diversity is investigated both with respect to individual languages as well as from a macro-perspective, using computational and phylogenetic methods. The team of researchers has a long history of collaboration and co-production of academic publications, including books, articles, and databases.

Current research team at Lund University

News and Recent highlights

Research project from Swedish Research Council to Arthur Holmer, Loren Billings, and Gerd Carling. (2020-11-04)


Tour de CLARIN: Interview with Gerd Carling about the infrastructure DiACL and the research of the Language Typology and Evolution group. (2020-10-22)

Mouton Atlas

A recent landmark of the research team is a reference book on the comparative typology of grammar and lexicon of Eurasia from the perspective of geography, culture and evolution in the form of an atlas (Carling et al 2019).