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About the RIVET project

The purpose of this project is to develop a deliberative approach to the integration of diverse societal values in model-based climate economics in order to improve decision-making. The project departs from the working hypothesis that well-designed deliberative and inclusive approaches that engender learning processes about viable policy alternatives for economies are not only the most legitimate but also the quickest way to address climate change in a politically sustainable manner. Addressing the role of values in climate economics through deliberative processes is both a way of improving climate economics by making it more relevant to societal concerns, and in itself a way of transforming economies precisely by providing a sustainable basis for retooling our economies away from fossil fuel dependence.

Previosly, the project was a collaboration between the Department of Philosophy at Lund University and the Mercator Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change in Berlin. 

The project is led by Henrik Thorén at the Department of Philosophy in Lund and has Sofia Henriks as an projectassistant. Collaborative partners include Martin Kowarsch from Aalborg University, Dominic Lenzi from the University of Twente, and Lukas Beck from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

The project is structured around three work-packages (WP). WP1 is a large and interdisciplinary literature review coupled with an interview study targeting modelers and experts that seeks to identify central normative assumptions in climate economic modelling. WP2 involves the designing of a deliberative and practical approach for integrating divergent values at the science-policy interface, and WP3 involves facilitating the transdisciplinary aims of the project through continual and close interactions with stakeholders.

To find out more about the project, please vist the website http://rivet-project.se/

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