Prosody, prediction, and processing

The Lund Neurolinguistics Lab assesses the neural underpinnings of language, focusing on prosody, prediction, and processing. Using neurophysiology, we follow speech processing as it develops in real-time with millisecond precision. With functional and structural magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI/MRI), we observe the brain mechanisms involved in speech perception and measure the correlation between brain structure and language aptitude with high spatial resolution. Check out our research areas and publications!

Pre-activation negativity (PrAN)
Left-edge boundary tones
Word accents
Dual route processing, word accents, and cortical thickness
Learning word accents and morphology
Acquiring word-level tone

A thicker Broca's area is better for grammar learning
Time constraints on working memory and language processing
Processing word meaning

Neurolinguistics News

Anna on the neurophysiology of Danish stød! Link to article

Tugba's findings on the time-course of coarticulation! Link to article

Renata finds dialect influence on vowel perception! Link to article

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Sabine's findings on tone transfer in the brain are out!


ERP head

Anna Hjortdal defends her MA thesis!

Mikael Novén gets award from the Society of Sciences in Lund!


Mikael Novén's new findings on language aptitude-brain structure correlations published in Human Brain Mapping 2021-07-20


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