Jenny Hartman

is a researcher in English Linguistics. Jenny's research departs from the assumption that human cognition and language are shaped by our bodily, multisensory experiences. In her research, she considers how different ways of functioning in and perceiving the world are reflected in language use, as well as in communication more broadly. She is especially interested in how individuals with autism, anxiety disorders, and Tourette Syndrome convey their sensory experiences, emotions, and thoughts. For more information about Jenny's research, please see

Carita Paradis

is Professor of English Linguistics. Her research, situated in Cognitive Linguistics, concerns the dynamics of meaning-making in human communication. Since the beginning of 2000, she been involved in research on sensory meaning in language using different empirical methods – corpus as well as experimental techniques of different kinds to contribute to a better understanding of what linguistic expressions reveal about human interaction, perception and cognition and inversely how they influence and give rise to patterns and structures in natural language use. For more information on Carita's research, please see

Rosario Caballero

Rosario Caballero is Professor of English Linguistics at Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Spain. Her research is situated in both Cognitive Linguistics and Genre Studies and concerns figurative language in specific genres (e.g. architecture and wine reviews), multimodality and the role of language in conveying sensory meanings. Since the beginning of 2000, she has focused on the way English and Spanish speakers use language to describe motion events, speech events, and more recently, sensory experiences. In order to do so, she has participated in several research projects and collaborated with colleagues from various universities in Europe. For more information on Rosario’s research, please see

Eleni Tzimopoulou

is employed in the project as a research assistant.

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