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Repository and Workspace for Austroasiatic Intangible Heritage

The Repository and Workspace for Austroasiatic Intangible Heritage is a digital multimedia resource dedicated to the maintenance of research materials documenting the intangible heritage of the Austroasiatic communities of Mainland Southeast Asia and India. It is the first resource dedicated to a specific language family in this diverse and dynamic region.

The acronym RWAAI is an adaptation of the proto-Austroasiatic form *rwaay. It is reconstructed in many branches of the family and means ‘soul’, or the conceptually related ‘tiger-spirit’ or ‘tiger’. For example, in the Aslian branch there is Temiar /rwaay/ ‘headsoul’, and Ceq Wong /lwɑy/ and Semaq Beri /rway/ both meaning ‘soul’. In the Khmuic branch there is Mlabri /rwaay/ ‘tiger’, and in the Palaungic language Lamet /rəwa̤a̤y/ also means ‘tiger’.


RWAAI was generously funded by a Riksbankens Jubileumsfond Infrastructure Grant, and administered by the Centre for Languages and Literature. The Repository and Workspace are housed on servers hosted by the Humanities Lab. The Lund University facility is a part of the pan-European Clarin Initiative, which seeks to establish integrated and interoperable infrastructure for languages and language technology. The Language Archive, MPI, Nijmegen provide software and technical expertise in this framework.


RWAAI is a member of DELAMAN, The Digital Endangered Languages and Music Archive Network.

Become involved

We are actively seeking both analogue and digital multimedia contributions that document the intangible heritage of the Austroasiatic language family. If you would like to become involved and create a collection, or if you know of a collection that is in need of archiving, please contact us at nicole.kruspeling.luse. We also welcome visitors to Lund.