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Sabine talks at Copenhagen university!

Mikael R.

Mikael Roll on TV! 2021-04-17

Sabine's results

Grammatical tone transfer in the brain! Sabine's new findings published! 2021-04-12


Språktidningen interviews Mikael Novén! 2021-03-26


Mikael Novén defends his doctoral thesis!


Sabine's diss

Sabine Gosselke Berthelsen defended her dissertation on neural effects of tonal transfer! Read more... 2021-02-05

Anna's PrAN

Anna Hjortdal's BA thesis on the neurophysiology of Danish stød! 2021-01-13


Quiz on prosody made by the neurolinguistics group, published in Sydsvenskan online 2021-01-22 and on paper 2021-01-23!


Cortical thickness in the ventral stream related to word accent processing! Brand new findings Novén et al. (2020)! 2020-10-19


Blomberg et al. (2020) launch a new interpretation of the causes of the N400! 2020-10-15

Fonetik 2020 has been postponed, and is now Fonetik 2021.

Brain's acquisition of grammatical tone
New article by Gosselke Berthelsen et al.!

Language Melody Game changes brain waves! New article by Hed et al.! 2019-11-30

Federico de Martino visits Lund Neurolinguistics group! 2019-10-24

Language in your brain, Kulturnatten 2019
Sabine explains her recent results at EUROSLA 2019.
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