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The base material of works authored by Jerome, Rufinus and Cassian that constitutes the corpus for this project is added in the Monastica database:

The project is funded during 2022-2024 by the Swedish Tercenterary Bank of Sweden Foundation (Riksbankens Jubileumsfond):



Workshop 9-10 June, 2023. Lund, LUX building, room B417.

Peter Gemeinhardt:  Institutionalizing the Charisma? Early Christian Monasteries between Ascetic Practice and Organization
Marilyn Dunn:  Notes on the emergence and role of the earliest Latin monastic rules
Albrecht Diem: Regulating and educating in Early Latin Monasticism
Matthieu Herman van der Meer: Returning to the world? Codex Harley 5041 on monk-preachers
Elisabet Göransson:  Notes on the earliest manuscript transmission of Jerome, Rufinus and Cassian
Katarina Pålsson: Scripture, authority and community in Jerome
Samuel Rubenson:  Rufinus and the shadows of Egypt and Cappadocia
Britt Dahlman: John Cassian and the Rhetoric of Education
Henrik Johnsén:  The use of John Cassian in monastic rules

Concluding discussion


During the first year of the project, two webinars, one workshop, and one lecture have been held.

21 March 2022: webinar with Mathias Johansson (Lund University Humanities Lab) on Structural Topic Modelling,
10 May 2022: webinar with Holger Berg (Syddansk Universitet) on Automatic detection of text reuse using different digital toolsy.
24 September 2022. Workshop. Invited speakers:

  • Dorothee Schenk (Georg August-Universität Göttingen),  “Cassian and monastic education”
  • Peter Gemeinhardt (Georg August-Universität Göttingen), “Monastic Teaching and Episcopal Preaching: Education in the ‘Lives’ of the Bishops of Arles in Late Antiquity”
  • Alberto Alciati (Università di Firenze), “Monastic education from Cassian to Rabanus Maurus”
  • Andrew Cain (University of Colorado Boulder): “Rufinus of Aquileia’s Historia monachorum in Aegypto: Authorship, Hagiographic Aemulatio, and the Antony Legend”
  • Presentation of the ELAM project by the project members

3 November, 2022: Samuel Rubenson, "Klosterläsning och klosterregler". Presentation for the medieval seminar ALMA at Lund University.

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