Just Energy Transitions (JET)

This project seeks to increase the understanding of and improve the opportunities for fairly handling the complaints that the transition to a fossil-free future give rise to. Whilst most people generally agree that an energy transition is necessary to address climate change, in practice difficult trade-offs will be made with different actors experiencing the transition as just or unjust from their perspective. With the help of a participatory research approach, the project team, reference group and stakeholders will jointly map, categorize and critically examine objections and complaints raised against the climate transition as well as the decision-makers' responsibility to respond to these. The goal is to develop a tool that can act as a moral compass to guide decision-makers in understanding different objections and navigate trade-offs. The tool can help decision-makers form balanced, inclusive and fair policies in the ongoing energy transition in Sweden and internationally.

Core research team

Eric Brandstedt, human rights studies, Lund University

Vasna Ramasar, human ecology, Lund University

Henner Busch, sustainability science, Lund University

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