The Glory that was Greece

The Glory That Was Greece: Writing in (Humanist) Greek in Great Sweden

Researcher: Tua Korhonen In this project, Korhonen explores the interpersonal, contextual, and ideological aspects of the phenomenon Humanist Greek including its cultural, social, and intertextual practices in the given literary and academic fields as well as the value and prestige attributed to ancient Greek language and culture. Thus, the study aims to examine the conceptual background and factors that fostered Humanist Greek textual production in the Swedish Empire. Korhonen will develop ideas suggested in her dissertation and other studies on the position and prestige of Greek.

The main research question is whether Humanist Greek texts are not only a matter of isolated texts written and published in different universities and countries, but that we have here the establishment of an idea, the growth and spread of an ideology and the circulation of a practice. Furthermore, besides that the study aims to define the original concept 'Humanist Greek', the objective is to show what aspect of ancient Greek past was admired and imitated and how they were shaped and modified for contemporary needs and usage.

Korhonen will write a monograph with the title The Glory That Was Greece: Writing in (Humanist) Greek in Great Sweden and case studies will be published in articles, targeting different audiences. Fieldwork will be focused on libraries in Denmark and northern Germany; this will give material for the study and the HUG-Database.

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