Helleno-Nordica plans to arrange conferences at the three universities, in the following order:

Helsinki 2018

Tartu spring 2020 ——— due to the Covid-19 outbreak the event has been TRANSFORMED into a series of digital seminars. For programme and abstracts, see:

Lund autumn 2020 ——— due to the Covid-19 outbreak the event has been CANCELLED and transformed into a book project.

The start of the research program of Helleno-Nordica was marked with a launch meeting and seminar at Lund University (19–20 January 2017). In addition to intense internal planning sessions, the core group described their plans and presented papers at a well-attended seminar at the Centre of Languages and Literature 20 January 2017:

Tua Korhonen, A playful farewell to a fellow Swede. A Greek Propempticon by Laurentius Praetorius published in Helmstedt in 1592
Erkki Sironen, Johan Paulinus' Finlandia – an examplary speech in Greek verse
Janika Päll, Humanist Greek in Early Modern Estonia and Livonia: Hellenising poets from Germany in Tartu and Tallinn
Johanna Akujärvi, Hercules at the crossroads. Uses of Greek language and myth in the Baltic Sea region in the 16th century
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