Research Projects on Existential Sustainability

Sept 2023 – August 2025
Lovisa Nyman, Researcher in Systematic Theology
PI: Johanna Gustafsson Lundberg
Existential Sustainability: Developing a New Dimension of Agenda 2030’s Sustainability Goals


For several decades, there has been a focus on the economic, environmental, and social sustainability goals of Agenda 2030, in society as well as in the academy. However, we can now also discern a demand for a fourth aspect on sustainability, namely the existential. This research project defends existential sustainability as an apt concept for developing a broader model of sustainability. By critically examining two specific areas, the technological idea of the seamless life and the call for inner transformation in sustainability studies, the project aims to uncover the implicit values and norms regarding what it is to be human, what a good life is, and how to relate to time in these discourses. Departing from this critical analysis, it then suggests an interpretation of what existential sustainability can mean in contemporary Western societies.

Research Grant: The Crafoord Foundation


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