At the Margins of Life:
Exploring Existential Sustainability - Technology, Health and Death

Conference at Lund University November 23–25, 2022

Call for papers

How can existential perspectives contribute new understandings of global challenges? How can religion provide valuable resources and insights for creating future sustainable societies?

The global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG:s) of the United Nation Agenda 2030 are efforts to avert human suffering and marginalization and to address a number of social, economic, and environmental challenges to human life and society. The aim is to create sustainable societies for all.

In these discussions, the concept of existential sustainability has been identified as a new dimension to explore and develop in research as well as in societal projects. As research in multiple disciplines have shown, spiritual and religious traditions continue to shape the world views and the lives of a majority of the people in the world. However, there is a lack of research that links existential dimensions to social, economic, and environmental sustainability and highlights the importance of religion.

The objective of the conference is to identify and develop academic research on existential sustainability as an overarching theoretical concept and as applied to three focus areas – technology, health, and death. These areas have been identified as being particularly valuable for the exploration of existential dimensions in relation to the global SDG:s.

Keynote speakers include Noreen Herzfeld, professor of theology and computer science at College of Saint Benedict, Saint John’s University, Minnesota.

We cordially invite researchers from all disciplines with interests in existential dimensions of these themes to submit abstracts of 20-minute presentations for this conference. The presentations can be related to ongoing research or efforts to exploratively identify theoretical and empirical fields for future research.

The presentations are thematically organized according to the three focus areas of technology, health and death and the overarching concept of existential sustainability, all in all four different sessions. When you register, please choose the session in which you wish to present your research paper. The deadline for registration is June 3, 2022.

After the conference, a selection of articles based on the presentations will be considered for publication in open access. The editors of this volume reserve the right to make the selection.

To register for the conference and submit an abstract, please visit:

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