Old download page for Gramte

All files are self extracing archives.

Mac versions

Download latest Mac-version (28 Mb)Download old Mac-version (11 Mb)Download Hypercard-version (for really old Macs, 1 Mb)

PC versions

Download latest PC-version: everything in one file (23 Mb) Download latest PC-version: part 1 (2 Mb), part 2 (1 Mb), part 3 (7 Mb), part 4 (14 Mb). Download old PC-version (10 Mb) The old versions are OK (and smaller), but lacks the binding between Help and Exercises. Instead, you have to use the index page to select appropriate exercise/help text. There is no difference between "latest PC-version" and its parts. If you download the parts, please put all of them into a folder named Gramte after extracting them. They are only provided as a service to those who have problems downloading a single large file.
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