Elzbieta Drazkiewicz - Project Leader

Prior to coming to Lund University, I was a Senior Research Fellow at the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Institute for Sociology and an Associate Professor at Maynooth University in Ireland. 

Apart from Leading CONSPIRATIONS project I am also serving as a PI on the CHANSE project REDACT. In this project together with partners from the UK, Germany, Estonia and Croatia we analyse how digitalisation shapes the form, content and consequences of conspiracy theories. I am also involved in the CONNOR network, bringing together researchers studying conspiracy theories in the Nordic countries. 

The core of my work constitutes political anthropology which allows me to explore such fields as international development, state-NGOs relations and most recently tensions over conspiracy theories and democracy in Europe. 

Research interests: anthropology of state, social movements, conspiracy theories and disinformation, new media, NGOs, foreign aid, Europe, Ireland, Poland, Slovakia, South Sudan.  

My publications can be found here


PhD, Anthropology, University of Cambridge, 2012

MA, Etnology, University of Warsaw, 2005
MA, Anthropology, Lund University 2003

Marsanna Petersen

Petersen (MA in ethnology and MA in Applied Cultural Analysis) is a PhD student in Conspirations, responsible for the project's research of conspiracy theories and conflicts over truths in Sweden. 

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