Our special issue on spoken language is out in ELL

We are happy to announce yet another publication based on LLC–2. This time it is part of a special issue edited by us and published in English Language and Linguistics. We are grateful to the general editor, the reviewers and all our contributors: Charlotte Bourgoin, Gerard O'Grady, Kristin Davidse, Gunnel Tottie, Robbie Love, Niall Curry and Susan Reichelt. You can find the entire issue (including our editorial) here. Happy reading!

December 2021

Publication alert

We are happy to announce the publication of the article "Challenges of releasing audio material for spoken data: The case of the London–Lund Corpus 2". The publication is part of the special issue "Challenges of combining structured and unstructured data in corpus compilation", co-edited by Tanja Säily and Jukka Tyrkkö for the journal Research in Corpus Linguistics. We thank Tanja and Jukka, as well as the general editors of RICL, for making this possible, and we hope that you enjoy reading the article! Please find the special issue here.

July 2021

Invited talk at the UCL Survey of English Usage Seminar

We are thankful to the Survey of English Usage at University College London for inviting Nele to talk at their virtual seminar. The talk was entitled "The London–Lund Corpus 2: A new resource for spoken English" and outlined some recent developments in the compilation of the corpus. UCL was also the main site of recording for LLC–2, so we were happy to be "back". Slides available on request!

February 2021
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