London-Lund Corpus 2

A corpus of spoken British English

Welcome to the official website of the London–Lund Corpus 2 (LLC–2)!

LLC–2 is a half-a-million-word corpus of spoken language with data recorded in 2014–2019 with adult educated speakers of British English. On the one hand, the corpus is a resource for studying contemporary speech from a synchronic perspective and across different registers and groups of speakers. On the other hand, it is designed according to the same principles as the original London–Lund Corpus (LLC–1) with data from the 1950–1980s. To this end, it facilitates principled comparisons across different time periods of English with roughly 50 years in between. The corpus design includes: face-to-face conversation, mobile phone/Skype conversation (landline telephone calls in LLC–1), broadcast discussions and interviews, parliamentary language, spontaneous commentary, legal language and prepared speech.

News and updates

July 2020: Slides from UKCLC 2020 are now up

We have successfully participated in another virtual conference, this time the UK Cognitive Linguistics Conference (UKCLC), organised by an enthusiastic team of researchers at the University of Birmingham. The entire conference was live-streamed, thus creating the sense of physicality, community and accessibility typical of a physical conference. Our presentation on the timing of (dis)agreement in resonance in conversational stance exchanges, based on data from LLC–2, was received very well by the audience, and we were happy to see how many questions and ideas for future research it generated. Thanks to all who participated, asked questions and/or expressed interest in learning more about the study! The slides are available here.

June 2020: Research grant from the Crafoord Foundation for a project on LLC–2

We are happy to announce that Carita and Nele have been awarded a research grant of 350,000 SEK from the Crafoord Foundation for Nele's postdoctoral project, called "The art of giving advice in everyday conversation". The project is a continuation of their collaboration with Rachele De Felice from University College London and is based on data from the London–Lund Corpora, including LLC–2. The aims of the project are to account for (i) how speakers today make use of words and constructions to give advice in authentic everyday conversation compared to half a century ago, and (ii) how the use of these words and constructions in combination with social and situational factors affect the uptake of the advice by the recipient over the same period of time. Research on this topic will help us gain a better understanding of the power of language in the service of human social behaviour. Congratulations (to us)!

May 2020: Slides from ICAME 41 are now up

Due to COVID-19, this year's ICAME went digital and with great success, largely thanks to Beatrix Busse and her team in Heidelberg. The LLC–2 team participated with two presentations, one in a pre-conference workshop and the other in the main conference. Thanks to the initiative of the organisers of the pre-conference workshop, the workshop was held live on Zoom and the presenters could share their work and simultaneously engage in discussions with fellow corpus enthusiasts. Our presentation in the main conference was pre-recorded and uploaded to the ICAME digital space. Both slides are available here. Enjoy!

January 2020: LLC–2 goes to ICAME 41

We are happy to announce that two of our papers on LLC–2 have been accepted for presentation at this year's ICAME. The first paper outlines the key methodological decisions made in the compilation of LLC–2 and was accepted for presentation at the main conference. The second paper will be part of a pre-conference workshop organised by Sabine Arndt-Lappe and Sebastian Hoffmann, called "English Corpus Phonetics and Phonology at ICAME". In this paper, we argue for the importance of audio material in spoken corpus linguistics on the basis of a case study of LLC–2. For a list (and slides) of other presentations that we have given, please see the publications page. We are grateful to the Birgit Rausing Language Programme for funding Nele's trip to Heidelberg!

January 2020: Photos from the international symposium are up

Get a glimpse of the international symposium we organised last September by checking out photos from the event here. Thanks to our academics-turned-photographers Joost and Sven for capturing the day so perfectly!

January 2020: The release of LLC–2

We are currently preparing LLC–2 for release. The corpus will be made publicly available from the Lund University Humanities Lab's corpus server. Thank you for your patience!

Upcoming events

Stance, (Inter)Subjectivity & Identity in Discourse international conference in Madrid, Spain, 9–11 September 2020

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