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This joint project between Lund and Stanford targets a key question at the intersection between the humanities and science: How can knowledge of the mind and brain contribute to our understanding of human culture and social behaviour? Conversely, how can we use the products of culture and the nature of social interaction to understand how the mind and brain develop, learn, remember, and create? To tackle these issues, this project brings together experts from the humanities, social sciences, neurobiology and education in Lund and Stanford organized into three themes: Narrative, Reading and improving learning.

The project is part of the Wallenberg Network Initiative, coordinated by professors Sven Strömqvist, Lund, and Craig Heller, Stanford. The network links Lund University, Umeå University, and Stanford University (see Funding and hosting).


Sidansvarig: Marianne.Gullbergling.luse | 2021-03-30