Academic Writing in English at Lund University (AWELU)

Project Aims

Staff from the English Unit and the IT Unit are currently developing a web-based resource platform for Academic Writing in English aimed at all LU staff and students. AWELU aims to be a self-instructive resource covering the various needs faced by staff and students at LU in connection with writing in English.

In complement to the platform, courses for students and staff within the field of Academic Writing in English will be developed in collaboration with CED.

The Resource Platform Content

The platform will consist of eight major sections:

  • Genres and Text Types
  • The Writing Process
  • Grammar and Words
  • Sources and Referencing
  • Academic Integrity
  • LU Templates
  • LU Material
  • LU Glossary
Collaboration with the LU Translation Service

Resources and material developed by the LU Translation Service will be made available on the AWELU platform(templates, an English LU word list, etc.).


In order to survey the need for support in different areas as well as the resources already available at LU, the project would like to collect existing LU material on Academic Writing in English and representative examples of LU writing in English. A formal request for this was sent out to all departments and units in September 2009.

Letter to Heads of Departments, etc. (in Swedish)

Accompanying Request (in Swedish)

Conference papers, etc.

Stora IT-dagen 2009

In late November, the AWELU project was presented at the annual Lund University IT conference.

HT-områdets pedagogiska inspirationskonferens 2010

In September 2010, the AWELU project presented a paper at a pedagogical conference at the joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology, Lund University.

Read more about AWELU here:

AWELU Project Plan (2009)

Johansson, A. (2008). Slipa engelskan på webben. LUM 10, 37.

The Office of Vice-Chancellor. (2008). Webbaserad inlärningsplattform för Academic Writing (Dnr RÄ 2008/327).

The Office of Vice Chancellor. (2009)  Beslut: Genomförande av projektet Academic Writing in English at Lund University (AWELU)

Viberg, L. (2010). Ny webbplattform för akademiskt skrivande. LUM, 8.

Project group:

Fredrik Lindström (Project Leader)

Fabian Beijer (The English Unit)

Henrik Gyllstad (The English Unit)

Mats Johansson (The English Unit)

Julienne Stewart Sandgren (The English Unit)

Cecilia Wadsö Lecaros (The English Unit)

Lennart Nyberg (The English Unit)

Marcus Lecaros (The IT Unit)

Rikard Stymne (The IT Unit)

Tomas Schönthal (The IT Unit)

AWELU Reference Group


For questions about AWELU, please contact project leader Fredrik Lindström.

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