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Next seminar

4/5. Per Linell (Universities of Gothenburg and Linköping): A dialogical perspective on intersubjectivity (abstract).

    Spring Term Seminars 2017

    January 2017

    • 26/1. Johan Blomberg & Jordan Zlatev (Cognitive Semiotics, Lund) Norms of language: What kinds and where from? Insights from phenomenology. (abstract)

    February 2017 

    • 2/9. Jordan Zlatev (Cognitive Semiotics, Lund) leads the discussion: The emergence of metaphor in discourse.
      • We will read in advance, and discuss the attached paper, in relation to our ongoing efforts to formulate a novel cognitive-semiotic theory of metaphor (emergence).

    March 2017 

    • 2/3. Discussion of mimesis/pantomime theories. Introduction by Jordan Zlatev.
    • 9/3. Journal club: We will read together a paper on metaphor research by Paula Pérez Sobrino.
    • 16/3. Paula Pérez Sobrino (Post-doctoral fellow, University of Birmingham): Facing methodological challenges in multimodal metaphor research. (abstract)
    • 23/3. Presentations by Simon Devylder (Fellow at Cognitive Semiotics, Lund) and Viswanath Naidu (Doctorate student at Cognitive Semiotics, Lund).
      • Reconciling iconicity of distance with frequency to explain Paamese grammatical asymmetries (Simon Devylder). (abstract)
      • Relaxing the “boundary crossing constraint” in (supposedly) verb-framed languages (Viswanath Naidu) (abstract)
    • 30/3. No seminar, to allow our participants to attend the workshop Connecting discourse in speech and gesture, organized by Maria Graziano, Emanuela Campisi and Marianne Gullberg, on March 30-31. Register by 20 March 2017 by sending an email to: dl_spegedishumlab.luse


    April 2017

    • 6/4. No seminar
    • 13/4. Easter
    • 20/4. No seminar, to allow participation in The 6th conference of the Scandinavian Association for Language and Cognition at Lund University:
    • 27/4. Mats Andrèn (Linköping university college), Laughter at the preschool: Semiotic properties and emotional intersubjectivity (abstract)

    May 2017

    • 4/5. Per Linell (Universities of Gothenburg and Linköping): A dialogical perspective on intersubjectivity (abstract).
    • 11/5. Journal club: Reading Aurora and Flack together. To be specified.
    • 18/5. Simone Aurora (Università degli studi di Padova) & Patrick Flack (Charles University, Prague): Principles of Structural Phenomenology. (abstract)
    • 24/4 (Wednesday) Lecture by William Croft (University of New Mexico). To be specified.
    • 25/5. Ascension
    • 29/5 (Note changed date). Presentations by George Stampoulidis (Doctorate student, Cognitive Semiotics, Lund) and by Anu Vastenius (Doctorate student, Cognitive Semiotics, Lund). To be specified.

    June 2017

    • 1/6. No seminar
    • 8/6
    • 15/6

    Centre for Cognitive Semiotics Thursday seminar, 29 March 2012.

    Seminars are held 13:15-15:00h every Thursday in SOL H428b unless otherwise announced.