Looking for Wholeness in an Enchanted World: Healing, Prosperity and Ritual Action in African Charismatic/Pentecostal Churches

The purpose of this research project is to analyze the interplay between African traditional worldviews and Western enlightenment patterns of thought in the life of African Charismatic /Pentecostal churches. This is done through the study of the concepts of healing and prosperity as well as ritual action of these churches.

This project analyzes how re-enchanted Christianity functions in the world permeated by Enlightenment ideals and values. Each research input sheds light to this central question from the point of view of the human search after wholeness, studying the encounter between re-enchanted African Christianity and the Enlightenment West. In each case, ritual action is used as a window through which this question is observed. In comparison to Western Christianity, African Christianity is far less doctrine and theology oriented and more life and action oriented. Therefore, it is predominantly through action that African Christians’ faith can be understood.

WEW Project Description