Swedish Wordnet

About SWordNet:

The project aimed at developing the semantic part of a Swedish lexical database by building a Swedish counterpart to the English WordNet and to the multilingual EuroWordNet. WordNet is a lexical database where words are organised according to basic semantic relations such as synonymy, antonymy, hyponymy and meronomy. Polysemy is handled by assigning a word form to different sets of synonyms (synsets), one for each meaning. The Swedish WordNet will be structured in such a way that it can be linked to EuroWordNet which makes it possible to go from a Swedish word to related words in several European languages. This is made possible by relating the Swedish words to shared top-concepts (the top-ontology) and to a sense index which is being developed within EuroWordNet. The Swedish WordNet can be used for monolingual of (via EuroWordNet) multilingual information retrieval or serve as a multilingual electronic dictionary. It can also form the point of departure for further work aiming at developing machine-translation systems.

Network and financing

The SWordNet project was part of a scientific network, "Swedish Lexicon and Information Retrieval", financed by HSFR/NUTEK. The other projects within the network are "Textanalysis for Information Retrieval" led by Eva Ejerhed in Umeå and "Corpus-based Lexicon and Analysis Tools" led by Daniel Ridings in Gothenburg. The Swedish Lexicon and Information Retrieval network is planned to last from 1 April, 1998 until 31 March, 2000.

Participants in the SWordNet project was:

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