Collaboration of the Humanities for the Environment

NICHE has its base in Lund, in a comprehensive university with very strong environmental research, good infrastructure and geographic proximity of its faculties and departments. NICHE brings a substantial number of researchers from almost all parts of the humanities and theology together to create a new and strong research initiative in environmental humanities. We are convinced that the humanities can add an essential ingredient to environmental research, and therefore NICHE includes key researchers from sustainability science, sociology, law, aquatic ecology, and landscape planning – and we have well-established agreements of collaboration with environmental research centres from other faculties.


Johannes Persson, department of philosophy


Aquatic Ecology, Johan Hollander (Aquatic Ecology) Anders Nilsson (Aquatic Ecology) Archaelogy and Ancient History, Torbjörn Ahlström (Historical Osteology) Elisabeth Iregren (Historical Osteology) Caroline Ahlström Arcini (Historical osteology) Anton Hansson (Quaternary sciences) Per Lagerås (Paleobotany) Ola Magnell (Historical osteology) Björn Nilsson (Archaeology) Arne Sjöström (Archaeology) Arts and Cultural Sciences, Peter Bengtsen (Art History and Visual Studies) Adam Brenthel (Art History and Visual Studies) Moa Goysdotter (Art History and Visual Studies) Max Liljefors (Art History and Visual Studies) Joacim Sprung (Art History and Visual Studies) Kristofer Hansson (Ethnology) Håkan Jönsson (Ethnology) Thomas O'Dell (Ethnology) Lynn Åkesson (Ethnology) David Dunér (History of Science and Ideas) Jutta Haider (Information Studies) Ursula Geisler (Musicology) Tobias Lund (Musicology) Centre for Middle Eastern Studies, CMES, Leif Stenberg (Islamic Studies) Landscape Planning, SLU, Kristina Blennow (Landscape Planning) Erik Persson (Landscape Planning) Languages and Literature, Stefan Ekman (Literature in English) Marianne Thormählen (Literature in English) Law, Lena Wahlberg Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies, LUCSUS, Lena Christensen Lennart Olsson History (and Human Rights), Olof Beckman (Human Rights) Lars Berggren (History) Lena Halldenius (Human Rights) David Larsson Heidenblad (History) Hanne Sanders (History) Human Ecology, Alf Hornborg (Human Ecology) Philosophy, Eric Brandstedt (Practical Philosophy) Johannes Persson (Theoretical Philosophy) Björn Petersson (Practical Philosophy) Henrik Thorén (Theoretical Philosophy) Niklas Vareman (Theoretical Philosophy) Annika Wallin (Cognitive Science) Theology and Religious Studies, Ive Brissman Matz Hammarström (Philosophy of Religion) Anne-Christine Hornborg (History of Religions) Pierre Wiktorin (History of Religions) Jakob Wirén (Systematic Theology) Sociology, Mimmi Barmark (Sociology) Mikael Klintman (Sociology)


Lund University Centre for Risk Assessment and Management (LUCRAM), Kurt Petersen Lund University Historical Museum, Erika Rosengren Lund’s Society for Nature Conservation, www.naturskyddsfö Margit Anderberg Nordic Genetic Resource Center (NordGen), Arni Bragason Svein Ø Solberg The International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE), Oksana Mont Lena Neij The Sound Environment Centre, Frans Mossberg The Swedish Forest Agency Hillevi Eriksson Wanås konst/The Wanås foundation, Mattias Givell Elisabeth Millqvist
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