Workshop 2


Understanding the Christianization of Africa, 1st-2nd February 2010 Helsinki, Culture Centre Sofia, Kallvikintie 28


First day

2 pm Welcome; getting to know each other


2:30 pm Afternoon coffee


3 pm Session 1: Western and African contributions to the growth of Christianity in Africa

A. Tolo: Important factors with regard to conversion and Church growth among the Sidaama of Ethiopia

Tomas Sundnes Droenen: An African Discourse of Conversion - some Worldview Perspectives


H. Austnaberg: Baptism in the African Initiated Churches: The Quest for a Gospel Especially Relevant for Africans

M. Vähäkangas: Prosperity, the Gospel and Ethics in Africa and in Diaspora


6 pm dinner


Evening: sauna (+ swimming pool) and free discussion


Second day

9 am Session 2: African response to Christianity and Christian response to Africa’s health crises

J. Einarsdóttir: Missionary health care services, diseases and death

R. Flikke: Christianity, Healing and African Worldviews


G. Hallonsten: AIDS in Swaziland – A cosmological unbalance in the community and in the individual

A. Vähäkangas: New Communality in the HIV/AIDS Era


12 noon  lunch


1 pm News, projects and prospects in Nordic studies of African Christianity; Feedback and assessment


2 pm Afternoon coffee