Workshop 1

Anthropological and Theological Interpretation of African Christianity: Methods and Theories 22.-23.10.2009 Copenhagen, faculty of theology/ centre for African studies, Købmagergade 44-46

 22.10. Venue: Købmagergade 46, Aud. 2 (entry through the main entrance)

3:30 pm Welcome, aim and rationale of the workshops, a round of introduction


4:00 pm Panel discussion: Does faith matter? On the role of the researcher’s world view


5:00 pm Session 1: Anthropology in theology

R. Uro: New openings through anthropological approach in Biblical scholarship

J. A. Jørgensen: Applying anthropological methodologies in systematic theology

M. Pöntinen: Orality as a challenge for the theological analysis of African Christianity


7 pm dinner


23.10. Venue: Købmagergade 50, Trin. 27 (entry through entrance B)

9:30 am Session 2: Anthropology vs. theology?

J.-Å. Alvarsson: On the relationship between anthropology and theology

R. Flikke: Cultural studies and theology – methodological considerations

A. Vähäkangas: Healing and wholeness – theological-methodological considerations


1:00 pm Session 2: Anthropology views Christianity

K. Helgesson: Christianity as a research object of anthropology

A. Kubai: On Studying African Diaspora Christianity in Scandinavia


3:00 pm On launching anthropological & theological joint research projects – open discussion


3:30 pm Feedback and assessment session; Closing the workshop