Thinking in Time: Cognition, Communication and Learning (CCL)

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Advisory Board

The main tasks of the international advisory board is to support and evaluate CCL's activities and progress from international perspectives. This work also includes assessments and recommendations concerning the administrative support and faculty level activities for fostering and supporting CCL. The evaluations will be used as a basis for decisions on CCL strategy, management, and organisation.

Advisory board members

Jean-Pierre Changeux

Professor at École Normale Supérieure, Collège de France, Pasteur Institute


Eve V. Clark

Richard W. Lyman Professor of Humanities, Department of Linguistics, Stanford University

Jean Decety

Irving B. Harris Professor, University of Chicago, Dept. of Psychology          


Susan Goldin-Meadow

Bearsdley Ruml Distinguished Service Professor, University of Chicago, Dept. of Psychology                                                                                               


Teija Kujala

Professor and director at the Cognitive Brain Research Unit, University of Helsinki.


Paul Verschure

Professor, ICREA & Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Laboratory for Synthetic Perceptive, Emotive and Cognitive Systems – SPECS; Institute of Audiovisual Studies/Technology Dept.


Fredrik Ullén

Karolinska Institute, Dept. of Women’s and children’s Health, the Neuropaediatric division